STL 169.5: Bonus Episode - Maplewoodshop Interview

STL 169.5: Bonus Episode – Maplewoodshop Interview

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As schools focus on college readiness and standardized tests, kids today are left with programs where there is no time or money allocated for shop class. Many children might not know that they have an interest in, or talent for woodworking—or making things with their hands for that matter. Our  sister-publication, Fine Home Building started the Keep Craft Alive campaign, doing their part to help close the skills gap by raising awareness and just as importantly, starting a scholarship program to send young adults to trade schools across the country. Still, it is important for children to learn that picking up a tool is not only productive, it’s fun!

STL 169.5: Bonus Episode - Maplewoodshop Interview
The Maplewoodshop tool case is stocked with the tools kids need to do some serious learning

Mike Schloff, of the Maplewoodshop, saw this need, and decided that he was going to do his part to spread the gospel of woodworking to a generation left behind by our need for the newest technology. Mike knew that alone, he could only get tools into the hands of so many kids. Instead he realized that it was far more productive to teach the teachers. With Mike’s program, he is going into schools and camps—in person or virtually—and teaching a new generation of shop teachers.

STL 169.5: Bonus Episode - Maplewoodshop Interview
It’s easy to see that these teachers are excited to incorporate woodworking into their curriculum

A few weeks ago Mike came into the podcast studio where he and I discussed his program, and more importantly, how you can help get a woodworking into your favorite little one’s school or camp program. We were going to include an excerpt in episode 169, but in the end, we decided that The Maplewoodshop deserved your full undivided attention.

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STL 169.5: Bonus Episode - Maplewoodshop Interview

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